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Never do these 3 things after a motor vehicle accident

by | Dec 16, 2022 | Brain Injury

When you travel throughout Washington, safety is no doubt one of your top priorities. There’s only so much you can do while driving, however, to avoid problems on the road. When you share the roadway with other motorists, you have no control over their driving behavior, which, unfortunately, means that another driver’s negligence can cause a motor vehicle accident that results in injuries to you or a passenger in your car.

Everyone always talks about the things you should do, if you’re involved in a collision on a Washington roadway. However, there are also several things you should not do. It is just as important to know this information, especially if you plan on seeking financial recovery for your losses.

Do not forget to get the other driver’s info after a motor vehicle accident

If you are rendered unconscious or incapacitated following a collision, it is important for someone to act on your behalf to acquire the contact and insurance information from the other driver. Skipping this step is something you never want to do because it can lead to a lot of stress down the line when you need the information but don’t have it.

Unless you’re in an ambulance, never leave the scene

Even if you were not at fault in a motor vehicle accident, leaving the scene means that you could be cited for not following standard procedures. If you are taken to a hospital, that is another matter altogether. However, you should never simply exit the scene, even if you have only minor injuries, unless you have spoken with the accident investigators on site.

Avoid confrontations at all cost

Especially if another driver was exhibiting signs of road rage before a collision occurred, another thing you should never do after a motor vehicle accident is to get into an argument with the other driver. It is best to let the police do all the talking when it comes to communicating with witnesses or others who were involved. If the other driver tries to confront you, do your best to stay calm and avoid a confrontation.

In the days and weeks that follow a collision

Besides a physical recovery, you might have to take off work, make car repairs, attend repeated medical visits and give yourself time and rest to heal from the emotional trauma of a Washington motor vehicle accident. If the collision was caused by driver negligence, there is recourse available to seek justice. Many recovering victims choose to file legal claims as a means of obtaining restitution from the person deemed liable for their injuries.